Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A collection of random thoughts which may or may not be very interesting......

First, please don't ask me why my blog has huge gaps between the paragraphs because I have no idea. I'm guessing that I had an image in that space at one time and now it will not disappear. I can't even get another image to fill the space, so there you are, stuck with it! How sad that I can write after a fashion but cannot control the page set-up etc.  However, I won't let that stop me.....

I think too much. I think about all sorts of trivial things with the inevitable, "I wonder why" scenario that comes with it. I think about deeper things too like fracking and saving our planet. I like to think, but sometimes I am happy not to think of anything much at all and then my brain jumps from one subject to another with reckless abandon.  It is moments like this that I usually have my best thoughts, and which I forget the instant that I recognise they are good enough for my Facebook group page (Life Changes And You) and quote book that I keep. How infuriating is that?  I also have my best thoughts when I am just about to fall asleep or wake up during the night with some good idea or another. Of course, many people have told me to keep a pad and pencil by my bed but, I am pretty sure that would wake me completely and I would then lay awake for hours.  This might mean that I lose some prize winning idea or super quote but I'm afraid that I value my sleep too much.

If I was a philosopher I could say that I do my best thinking whilst walking the grounds of The London Temple (my home from home for the last two years and definitely the next one and hopefully two years of my life), but that wouldn't be true either. Rene Descartes wrote, "I think, therefore I am".  To be accurate he didn't write it in English.  It was originally in Latin and he translated it into French which was then translated into English. I say this because I know that somebody (probably more than one in fact) will pick me up on that, but going back to my original idea about best thinking.....

Why does it rain when you want to go out and stop the minute you are either back indoors or nearly home, having got soaked in the process? I say this only because it is raining and I want to see if I have any post (a bit like the Americans who have their mail boxes at the end of the drive, I have to go to reception to check if I have any) and put my rubbish out.  I could go further and say why does it always rain on a Bank Holiday but the sun comes out when back at work?  This, as often happens, makes me wonder why we no longer call them Bank Holidays? Even this hallowed institution is no longer sacred and the shops and banks are now open and we call it a Public Holiday.

Talking of holidays, I am off to Gloucester for a few days (maybe just over a week) to stay with a friend.  My two year service in The London Temple has come to an end :( and before I start  over again (vis a vis my previous comment), I have been encouraged to take a short break away from the temple.  Thus I am heading to Gloucester for chat, relaxation, shopping and a visit to Bath. :)  I have never been to Bath but I am a great Jane Austen fan so I want to be able to see the beautiful white buildings, the architecture and just soak up the atmosphere of the place.

I went to Gloucester and lived to tell the tale; didn't have to go to the Doctor and fostered good relationships with the tailors shop. Sorry, that was not very good but I couldn't think of anything better! Bath (which everyone should know is not in Gloucestershire but in Somerset) was lovely but there were too many tourists for my liking! We did take the two tour buses which gave us history lessons as well as fantastic views and showed places that we wouldn't have seen if we had merely walked around the town. Glad I went. Not quite so sure about Bath Abbey; the outside was definitely better than the inside and in my opinion Gloucester cathedral is much better both inside and out. I was taken to a place called Bourton on the Water which is in the Cotswolds. I fell in love with the picture postcard village and all the houses made with Cotswold ragstone which reminded me of Kent and the house I had which was made with Kentish ragstone.  You know, as much as I love Kent, I think I could love Gloucester and the surrounding area too. A beautiful part of the country.

I am now (which you are guessing correctly is a while later) going to insert a post that I put on Facebook the day after the country decided to pull out of the European Union. Apologies to any who actually read it the first time around.

I rarely write anything on Facebook, let alone anything contentious, but I feel quite strongly about this.
Politics bore me rigid but I do vote. I voted out. I did not vote for UKIP or any other party. I voted with my heart.
This country has drained enough money away to faceless and corrupt officials who think they are God. The result doesn't mean that we cannot do the things we used to do yesterday. We are still a caring nation and will continue to help refugees and countries in need. People can still study or work abroad. They can still go on holiday in Europe. And even if they can't, surely this country has great educational facilities and beautiful locations?
The money that the country will save can be spent on the NHS, education and the armed forces to make them great again.
There will always be something to moan about, that's just human nature, but I am proud to be British and know that if we all pull together wonderful things can happen.
I seem to recall that France didn't want us in the "Common Market", as it was then, in the first place.
Let's be grown up and positive about all of this. We certainly can't do any worse than what Brussels etc. have done, and who knows? We might just surprise all the doomsayers.
This is merely my opinion, I am not wanting a debate or anything else. I just feel sad that people are assuming the worst instead of expecting the good.

Since I wrote that, the whole of the country has gone completely mad! Those that voted to remain want a second referendum because of the lies (surely not?) that some politicians told us.  I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure that many people voted against remaining simply because the EU is trying to take away our teeth i.e. telling us that we can't do this, that or the other; grabbing money from us because we are more wealthy than some of the other countries in the EU, and generally saying that are laws are not right. I could go on but I think you all have the gist. To presume that we voted because we listened to politicians is laughable. Who has ever listened and believed a word that any M.P. or prospective M.P. has said? And a second referendum. Really? Come on; are we going to have a best of three vote, or five, or more?

Following on from that, the newspapers have a lot to answer for too, telling us one minute that this is how it is and the next telling us something different.  This is why I rarely buy a paper or listen to the news. Everything nowadays has a spin on it, some sort of ulterior motive that we, the masses, are not privy to.  I must add one more thing  to my little rant and that is that we must NEVER forget that men and women died to keep this country free.

My brain now hurts!  I was going to write something that I thought was intelligent..... instead I suddenly thought of something else whilst typing the first bit and then promptly forget what the second thing was. I am not organised nor particularly coherent in my thoughts and writings, but the people who know me hopefully understand my waffling. And yes, I know that I said something similar at the very beginning of this piece, just in case you thought I was repeating myself.  Talking of repeating oneself - have you noticed that authors nowadays have a tendency to not only repeat the same word within a sentence or very soon after, but when they write a second book, they use the same phrases for a different character?  Drives me nuts, especially when you read them one after the other in a reading frenzy.

Do you like the way that I change subjects with such consummate ease? It is a real skill and one of which I am inordinately proud. I defy anyone to make a mish-mash of comments even ever so slightly interesting or entertaining. I certainly can't do it, so beg your forgiveness for the oddity which is my blog.

Now I am getting to the next thing which has irritated me somewhat over the last day or so (not sure when you will be reading this, so it could all be really old news...). Not only did we vote to leave the European Union, but we lost to Iceland in the European Cup and are therefore sent home in disgrace. The manager has apparently resigned and the whole of England (well the ones on my Facebook page) is ranting and raving over such dismal failure against such low opposition. Get a grip people! It's a football match! A game! You would think that all the money that is spent on players salaries would account for something. It obviously doesn't. Maybe if they had to take a pay cut for every game they lose it would give them some sort of incentive to win. Perhaps they should all take a pay cut; I have just read that one football star is getting paid up to three hundred thousand pounds per week. That is obscene. Especially as he was on the losing England squad.  As I heard about our demise yesterday (which would be the 27th June if anyone is even remotely interested), a thought occurred to me that it might be nice for all those (not just footballers) that earn ridiculous salaries to donate a percentage to e.g. the homeless, the starving, the refugee, the NHS on a regular basis.  I'm sure that some high earning footballers do give to charities etc. and some might even do it in secret, but at the end of the day, people are being paid silly money for a game that takes less than two hours of playing time and a couple of days training. And they don't even play all year! The funny thing is that this morning as I was checking my Facebook account, I saw someone mention the same thing - that it would be good for the footballers to give up some of their wages to help others in need. Enough said!

I have always maintained that there are two things that I will never talk about (there used to be three but that's another story), that is politics and football. What have I rambled on about ad nauseam about for the last few paragraphs? I'm really sorry. Well not so much because if I didn't write about those topics my blog post would be very short.

Got to leave this here because if I don't it will never get posted. I am always happy to receive comments, either on the actual blog site or on my Facebook page, but I won't tolerate anything that makes me cry - so please be gentle.

Thanks for reading and indulging my idiosyncrasies. Love to you all.  Until the next time I am bitten by the bug to write.

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