Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nearly, almost, done....

If only my title line was true.  I have emptied boxes to fill another, sent numerous bags to the charity shop and given the dustman something to complain about by filling up the bins to the top (not over mind you as they get very touchy about such things and give you a warning sticker).  Am I any further forward than when I started?  Well of course I am but you wouldn't believe how much I have accumulated over the years - and how much one can actually cram into a little flat.  The irony of all this packing is that my flat is getting smaller as I have boxes strewn around the room rather than all the contents of them in their rightful places of drawers, shelves and cupboards.

One of the biggest problems that I have come up against is not being able to just discard things without looking at them first or cooing over them, reading them or wondering just how long I have had them.  I think I am being strong when I just say to myself "rubbish, charity, rubbish, keep" but then spoil the momentum by finding a newspaper page that is of the full solar eclipse that was seen in this country in 1998 (not completely sure that is the correct date). Beautiful pictures of the eclipse sent me down remembrance road as I thought about what I was doing that day (actually I was working and the boss wouldn't let us go outside to see it - or not as the case may be but we were near enough to the windows and doors to see the effect) and I can remember that as the darkness fell (I seem to recall that it was around mid morning) the whole place stopped and went eerily silent. The traffic came to a halt and everyone suddenly stopped talking.  It was a special experience and one that I am grateful to have been around to see.  Then as suddenly as it begun, the event passed and the sun came back out and everyone went on as though absolutely nothing had happened. We are a heathen lot I think! Mind you a heathen would have probably taken the time to pray to their gods...

The charity shop that is just around the corner from me (how handy) has closed for six weeks for refurbishment (how not so handy) so now I have to plan everything like a military manoeuvre to get the things (for things read junk - good quality junk in my opinion, but you know what they say about one mans junk...) from the flat to the car to the nearest or certainly most convenient next one.

Today was going to be a good day, but it turned into a bit of a non event when my luncheon date cancelled due to ill health and when I should have been celebrating that I had acquired an extra packing day, I developed a fit of melancholy and decided to do nothing at all.  This will come back to haunt me no doubt when I run out of time and have to resort to just packing everything up and hoping that my friends loft is strong enough to support all my worldly goods.  We shall see.

Two days later....and I should be packing but I have the re-scheduled lunch date to look forward to and although I could have done some packing this morning, and some more this afternoon when I get back home, today will probably, in all likelihood, most definitely, will be another day of inactively on the packing front. But I did go out for a walk this morning as if that makes up for it!  As of today I have eighteen more days to go before it will be forever too late for the packing up...somebody motivate me PLEASE.

When all is said and done, I should be able to motivate myself but you know the saying, "Don't do as I do, do as I say"?  That perfectly sums me up right at this moment in time.  Not going to dwell on it though as it doesn't achieve anything, so I am just going to try and get this blog post finished, if my nails, which are beginning to get too long for typing -  and I don't go in for the false nails that are as hard as concrete (I was going to write nails but thought better of it) will permit me to type fast and accurate enough for me to have it all completed before I go out.  Really, fast has never been the problem, but the accuracy has, even though I took a typing course at school (never wanted to be a secretary but needed something to get out of the humiliation that was a whole afternoon of games). 

My next blog posts will probably be written when I am at the temple, so they may well be full of anecdotes of life "at work".  I am mindful of those that read my blogs are not all of the same religion as me, but as I will hardly be doing anything else (one can't just pop to the shops because I don't think there are any - or certainly not close by) the content could be short if I didn't write about the beautiful temple that I shall be working and serving in.  But never say never and all that. Who knows  - I might not have time to write a blog at all.

Must go now so that I can enjoy a lovely lunch with a wonderful friend.

And I still haven't discovered why I can't put pictures on here anymore....

Take care people, and I will try and write soon.

Susan x

P.S.  how ironic that the blog spell checker doesn't recognise the word "blog".  Doh!!

P.P.S.  And don't even get me started as to why I have huge gaps in my post. Bring back paper and pen I say.

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  1. I so totally remember the eclipse! I was working for a rather horrible man at the time but he was good enough to allow his staff to go outside at around 11am to see the eclipse. I rember the excitement, the chatter, the feeling that 'something' was about to happen - it feels like yesterday as I can still feel the tingling of anticipation. Then it went as black as I've ever seen. Eerie silence. I held my breath. Then out pooped the sun again. An experience I shall never forget. Debs x