Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Twas the day before Christmas.......

......and I still have a hacking cough and cold!   I can't believe that I have not been right for nigh on three weeks now, but I guess that I have been a little stressed for a while and that probably accounts for it. 
However, it is Christmas Eve and my turkey crown is in the oven, the gammon is on the hob and a little later I shall be preparing the jelly for my trifle and making the sausage rolls.  I would like to say that there is a wonderful aroma of turkey wafting through the flat, but as I still have no sense of smell, I can only assume there is.  In fact, I have been extremely industrious this morning although I didn't actually get up until half past nine.  That is almost the middle of the day for me, but I woke with a headache so took tablets and went back to sleep.  Not sure that it worked completely, but the hideous pain has gone and is now replaced by a back burner nagging that threatens to get worse later.  But I haven't sat and bemoaned my fate. No Sirree! I have tided the flat (a.k.a. throwing everything into cupboards, shelves and under the throw in the corner) and now you can actually see my floor.  Should I have any guests, I would be (almost) happy to let them in.
I am writing this as I wait for the turkey et al to cook; I know that if I made the phone calls that I want to make I would forget about the meats and that would be the end of my Christmas dinner.  Don't know about you, but the only time I eat sprouts is with my Christmas dinner, but this year I was thwarted in my plans because the ones I wanted would have been out of date before Christmas day and the loose ones meant that I had to walk for what seemed like miles to find a bag to put them in. If I hadn't been feeling poorly I wouldn't have minded, but surely the supermarket should have thought of the little things like if they put loose things at the front of the shop and not where they normally lived, they did need a bag or two to go with them.  It's not rocket science is it?  Actually don't answer that because it might well be...  Whilst I am talking about my supermarket shopping, I will just mention that I thought I was going to do so well by going on my regular Friday and thus miss out on all the queues and people filling their trolleys as if they were not going to be able to shop for at least another month rather than one day, but alas I was mistaken in my endeavours as lots of items had shelf life dates way before Christmas Day let alone for Boxing DayHowever, I didn't miss much and I am absolutely certain that I can live without the sprouts with my Christmas dinner. Talking about food is beginning to make me feel hungry so I had best change the subject.
Christmas should be such a wonderful time of the year, but for some it brings home all the hopelessness and sadness to the fore, and they are never more alone than now.  In a world that is intrinsically good, they is still so much suffering and heartache and I am sure that we could do so much better.  But for others, and especially the children, it is a time of magic and wonder, of oohs and aahs, of celebration and love.  Many view this special time of year as an opportunity to over-indulge and do everything to excess, but wouldn't it be wonderful if all took a minute or two to remember the true meaning of Christmas? 
Christmas to me is a time to reflect on the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ and the wonderful moments that made it all possible.  We have Mary visited by an angel to tell her that she would carry the Son of God; her visit to (her cousin) Elisabeth and the fluttering in the womb of the child that would become known as John the Baptist and the beautiful yet humbling story of Mary and Joseph and their trek to Bethlehem.  Whilst some may say "Bah Humbug", I love singing the carols that tell of the Saviours birth.  Sadly this year I haven't been able to sing a note because of my cold which included losing my voice. A bitter disappointment when it is only once a year that I can sing Silent Night or Away In A Manger. Nothing to stop me listening though and I have been regaled by carols all morning on the radio.
On Christmas Day I shall wake up and open my presents (twice as many as I received last year and I am so overwhelmed with people's kindness) then have breakfast (not sure what that shall be yet - I usually have a bit of a fry up!).  After that I have absolutely no idea what I shall do other than as little as possible.  I have just carved both the turkey and the gammon; the sausage rolls would have been ready to go into the oven if it wasn't for the little matter of me forgetting to take the sausage meat out of the freezer and I have still to do the jelly. Bearing in mind that my fridge is almost as cold as my freezer (long story which I am sure I have told before) I am sure that it will set easily in time for tomorrow afternoon when I shall be assembling my trifle.
All I really have to say now is that I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that through all the excitement we actually remember what it is all about.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS and I will see you all again in the New Year.  May 2014 be all that you want it to be and more.

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